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Mineralix+ & D3 Forte SETNEW

There are numerous physical and chemical factors affecting the stability of vitamin D3 in premixes and feed additives such as: light, oxidizing and reducing agents, humidity, pH and temperature. Liquid products enriched with vitamin D3, are a mixture of micro- and macroelements with low pH, which, similarly to water, negatively affect the stability of cholecalciferol. The product after a few months might contain a definitely lower or even insignificant amount of vitamin D3, which does not provide the intended dose.

To meet the expectations of our clients, we have prepared a composition in which we have limited the impact of negative factors on the stability of vitamin D3. We have created a separate, highly concentrated and water-miscible product, which with a vitamin D3 content of 65 000 000 IU (in 1 l) is characterized by the highest stability available on the market. Synergistic activity of D3 Forte and our mineral product - Mineralix+, which is an excellent source of micro- and macroelements, allows for the cholecalciferol (D3) to regulate the metabolism of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, strengthening their absorption from the intestine. Furthermore, the minerals included in Mineralix+ support the positive effect of vitamin D3.


Mineralix+: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, phosphoric acid, zinc (zinc chloride), manganese (manganese chloride), copper (copper chloride), iron (iron chloride)
D3 Forte: vitamin D3, glycerine (glycerol), technological additives


Recommended use in the set: Combine 500-1000 ml Mineralix+ with 100-200 ml D3 Forte in 1000 l of water and administer for 3-5 days. The preparations should be combined with each other directly before use.

Available package

Set: 5 l (canister) + 1 l (bottle)

Mineralix+ & D3 Forte SET
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